• The Owners •

The authentic nature of owners Robert and Tammy Belanger creates an unrivaled experience thanks in part to their warm, gracious manner and personalized service. They’ve set the standard for going above and beyond expectations to ensure you and your guests escape from the ordinary. Tammy, an interior designer, and Robert have spearheaded the design of the venue and dedicated themselves to carefully landscaping their entire acreage.


• Our Values •

At Hawthorn Estates we believe in the inclusion of all people regardless of religion, race, gender, sexuality, or politics. We celebrate all love. 

We also believe in loving mother nature and aim to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. Our barn utilizes repurposed beams from the logging industry and other recycled materials. We work tirelessly to recycle and reuse items, like using washable glasses instead of disposable cups. Future green initiatives include composting food waste from events.


• 5 Star Reviews •