We Do... Now Let's Eat!


The culinary options available for your wedding is endless these days. Late night pepperoni pizza? No problem. Doughnut bar - it’s doable. Filipino cuisine with perogies on the side - fabulous!

While weddings are a celebration of love, nothing seems better suited at marking the excitement of the day than the refreshments served - from the gourmet to Grandma’s cookies. 

Food helps bind us together. It’s a universal language everyone understands, and it's deeply tied to our emotion and memories. So it's natural couples embrace using their menu as an opportunity to speak to their roots and culture.

For some couples, food was fundamental to their meeting or budding relationship and having a latte bar on your special day can be the perfect way to pay tribute to all of those late night coffee shop dates.  

When it comes to making your wedding unique and memorable, feel empowered to make creative food selections. Think seasonally to help stay on budget. Consider the serving style (plated, family, buffet, or casual refreshments). Also, recognize dietary limitations of your guests, so everyone feels included. 

Looking to keep things simple? Serve a traditional meal with signature drinks or over the top desserts. Peruse the gallery below for some mouth-watering inspiration! 

Kayla Sinclair